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Exciting announcement! Barns Lane Farm is teaming up with DIRT LAB

  • By admin

  • July 31, 2023

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Exciting announcement! Barns Lane Farm is teaming up with DIRT LAB, an innovation hub driving change in the food, fibre, and agricultural sectors. Their focus on resilient production and thriving communities aligns perfectly with our mission.
DIRT LAB will bring expertise in commercialisation, business building, and a deep passion for soils, biodiversity, and landscapes. They will be an invaluable addition to the community that we are aiming to create at Barns Lane Farm.
Together, we’ll be collaborating on tech and innovation, with DIRT LAB joining our Innovation Hub. This hub will serve as a real-world testing ground for sustainable agriculture and land management, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
With a shared commitment to sustainability and resilient food systems, we’re excited to exchange knowledge and ideas through this powerful partnership. Together, we’ll pave the way towards a more sustainable and equitable future.
Stay tuned for updates on our new building and the incredible developments that lie ahead. To find out more about the wonderful things happening at the DIRTLAB take a look at their website today: